Need to Replace Your Air Conditioning System?

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You may be wondering:

  • With all the different companies to choose from – which one you can trust?
  • How do I know which system will fit my needs?
  • How much it’s going to cost today – and throughout it's lifetime?

And you want to make sure the investment you make will meet your needs and keep your family comfortable and safe – for the long haul (after all you don’t want a quick fix that will need to be replaced in a few years).

We understand…

After 30 years, and over 45,000 service calls there just isn’t much we haven’t seen– and believe me, we understand your concerns. At 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating, we do things a bit differently than most companies – and for GOOD REASON.

You can’t just pull out the old A/C and put in a new one…

Systems today are complex pieces of equipment. So, instead of starting out talking about equipment, and the price.We start by talking about what’s important to you. Safety, reliability, energy savings, efficiency, comfort, humidity levels, noise level, cleaner air, and convenience features like Wi-Fi controls and remote monitoring are all important aspects to consider.

Than we EVALUATE your current system, your ductwork, and installation requirements...

This is VITAL INFORMATION we need before we recommend a system because:

  • Proper airflow will determine about 60% of the OVERALL EFFICIENCY of your system
  • 70% of your systems LIFE EXPECTANCY will be determined by how it is installed

Our comprehensive evaluation will ensure that any system we recommend will have the proper air flow and will be INSTALLED CORRECTLY to operate at maximum efficiency, safety, and longevity. We also ensure that we MEET OR EXCEED manufacturer and local code REQUIREMENTS for installation. And we guarantee it – with our 6 IRONCLAD INSTALLATION GUARANTEES that you can read more about in a minute.

Now that we’ve completed the evaluations, we’re ready to talk about which system(s) will best fit your needs and your budget. We’ll go over all the details and provide you with a WRITTEN QUOTES that includes everything from start to finish. Including taking out any required permits.

If you’re concerned about how to pay for your system – don’t be. About 85% of our customers today use our financing options.

Plus, we back every installation we do with our 6 IRONCLAD INSTALLATION GUARANTEES

Some companies will offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that’s loosely worded and puts the burden of proof on you. Or in some cases, they will tell you that the warranty that comes with the equipment is all you need. A warranty and a guarantee are not the same. A warranty only covers the equipment – and not the quality of the installation or your satisfaction.

We back every installation with our 6 IRONCLAD INSTALLATION GUARANTEES that go beyond the equipment – to include your time, property, comfort, efficiency, quality, integrity, and your overall satisfaction. No other company in our neck of the woods does that!

Give us a call or click here to schedule today for your No-Obligation estimate at a time that is convenient for you (we work evenings and weekends to fit your schedule).