Advantages of Regular AC Maintenance

During the summer, the most important asset in your home is your air conditioning system. The last thing on your mind is experiencing some sort of malfunction as the sweltering heat invades the coming months. However, the best way to reduce the chances and costs of an emergency breakdown is to schedule AC maintenance at least once or twice a year.

The following are the benefits of having your air conditioning unit regularly maintained:

  • Reduces energy use. Did you know that a well-maintained AC system drastically decreases your home’s energy usage by up to 40%? When your unit is performing at peak efficiency, it will take less power to cool your entire home.
  • Saves money. Since a regularly maintained AC runs on less power, that means your monthly energy bills will be reduced as well! You may experience savings of up to 30%.
  • Less repairs. The longer you go without any kind of preventative maintenance, the sooner you will encounter a variety of issues. AC maintenance will help you detect potential problems before they begin or worsen.
  • Extended lifespan. AC systems are considered an investment in sustainable comfort, so it’s important to make that investment last as much as possible. A properly maintained AC unit can enable you to have more years of cooling power compared to one that has been neglected.
  • Consistent home comfort. Inconsistent cooling can disrupt your home’s comfort. Perhaps one room is freezing, while another isn’t getting air whatsoever. When working properly, you AC should be able to maintain the desired temperature of your home consistently.

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