Common AC Problems

There are variety of issues that can happen to your air conditioning system that may require repairs by our Fredericksburg, TX AC contractor. However, there are a few problems that commonly occur. Recognizing the issue can help you understand what a technician is referring to when they inspect your unit and suggest the ways to resolve it.

The following are common AC problems which may cause your AC system to break down or not run at peak efficiency:

  • Faulty wiring. Bad wiring can restrict power necessary to effectively use your air conditioning unit. Additionally, faulty wiring can contribute to house fires, so it’s imperative to get this problem resolved immediately.
  • Leaks. A leaky unit can be caused by low refrigerant levels. Refrigerant is known as the chemical which cools the air within your unit. Reduced refrigerant levels can also mean an issue with the refrigerant system.
  • Frozen coil. A frozen coil typically means an air flow issue, perhaps due to obstructions in your home’s ductwork or dirty air filters. Also, low refrigerant can cause a coil to freeze.
  • Outside fan not functional. The fan from an outside unit is designed to extracting the heat from your home to the outside air. If the outside fan isn’t working properly, heat transfer will not be able to occur, causing the compressor to overheat and trip the safety overload.
  • Outside unit not operating. This problem generally means that it’s experiencing power issues, a faulty thermostat or contactor issues.

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