Why Isn't My Air Conditioner Cooling Down the House?

With summer coming soon, we now how important it is to keep your air conditioning system running at optimum levels. When you find that your house isn’t getting any cooler, it may be a problem with your air conditioner. Our goal is to keep you and your family comfortable and protected from the hot, humid summer days.

72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating can help you troubleshoot and repair the issue promptly. We serve the Fredricksburg, Texas area with professional, quality HVAC services. Call to request an estimate!

Tips for Troubleshooting your AC Unit

Most of the time, repairs for your air conditioner will need a professional to handle the job. You can still identify some of the issues before our team arrives. Most of the time, AC troubles are attributed to a relatively minor problem, such as the unit needing a thorough cleaning or dust and debris collecting on the air filter.

Here are some of the common reasons why AC units aren’t cooling efficiently:

  • The thermostat is set to “heat.”
  • The AC is low on refrigerant.
  • The air condenser isn’t running properly.
  • The outdoor AC unit needs to be cleaned.
  • There is a tripped or blown fuse in the electrical panel.
  • The air filter is obstructed, dirty, or needs to be replaced.

72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating has been serving Fredricksburg and the surrounding areas since 1986. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We want to make sure that your house is as comfortable as possible, especially during the upcoming summer months.

We proudly offer the following air conditioning services:

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