How to Minimize Your Energy Bill

When the summer season arrives, homeowners will be relying on their air conditioning unit to get them through the hot months ahead. However, some may be tentative about using their AC due to costly energy bills. Fortunately, our Fredericksburg (TX) HVAC technicians know how to help you save money and keep your home at the comfort you prefer.

The following tips are ways you can reduce your energy bills throughout the summertime or even the entire year:

  • Service your AC unit – Having a qualified HVAC professional perform maintenance on your unit will ensure that it’s running at peak efficiency when you use it the most. If you want to take on this task on your own, you can clean your unit and replace the air filters.
  • Open your windows – You can cool your home the natural way by allowing fresh air to enter your home.
  • Use ceiling fans – Along with letting air inside of your home, turning on your ceiling fans can help circulate the outside air throughout your entire home.
  • Seal your ducts – Having leaking ducts contributes to energy loss and higher energy bills, since cool air is being displaced elsewhere and not properly used.
  • Insulate windows and doors – What may seem like a minor issue may be the reason why your home doesn’t get cool fast enough when you turn on your AC. Cracks in doors and windows allow warm air to enter your home, resulting in your unit working overtime. By caulking these cracks, you are able to keep the warm air out.
  • Allow the sun to light your home – Since the summer months lead to longer days, allowing the sunlight to brighten your home instead of artificial lights can help you save money.
  • Use programmable thermostats – If there are long periods throughout the day when you are not home, having a programmable thermostat enables you set specific times when the AC should be used.

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