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Blog Posts in 2017

  • Can I Install a Heat Pump Myself?

    Both your air conditioner and heater depend on a lot of different parts to work properly in order to provide you with the warm or cool air you need. However, perhaps no part is more important than your heat pump. When your heat pump breaks down, neither your heater nor your air conditioner will work properly. In order to save money when this happens, you might be tempted to ask whether you can ...
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  • Three Common Winter Heating Problems

    Winter time means cooler temperatures, and these cooler temperatures mean lots of extra use for your heater. Unfortunately, with extra use comes extra wear and tear, and an increased chance that your system might break down completely. In many cases these breakdowns happen to the same common part that’s heavily used, making the issue simple to diagnose. Here are some of the most common winter ...
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  • Four Signs You Need to Clean Your Ducts

    When an issue pops up, most people tend to automatically target their heater or air conditioner as the source of the issue. However, they’re often frustrated when their best efforts don’t lead to better results. What they may not realize is that the cause of their problems might not be in their heater or air conditioner itself, but in the ducts that they use to carry the air throughout their home. ...
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  • Three Benefits of Furnace Maintenance Before Winter

    Winter is almost here, and that means now’s the perfect time to schedule a maintenance service for your furnace. When the temperature drops too low and you need to fire up your central heater, do you want to make sure it’s working properly and ready to handle the workload it will see in the months ahead? A furnace maintenance service can do that! Here are just three of the many benefits you can ...
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  • Things to Consider When Installing a Wine Storage Unit

    Storing wine is one of the most important things to a wine aficionado, and that means a space where the temperature and humidity can be easily controlled and regulated. Those who wish to go a step beyond the average small unit you can buy in many different retail stores may wish to create a room or display space for doing so, known as a “wine cellar”. However, before you jump into a wine cellar ...
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  • Key Benefits of an Air Purifier

    Are you suffering from allergies? What about having difficulty breathing? Do your eyes always seem to be dry and you can’t stop your uncontrollable sneezing? These are all symptoms of poor air quality, and they can each make your life miserable. However, you can do something about it: air purifiers are generally fairly inexpensive, can be added to any home, and can help you solve your indoor air ...
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  • What Should You Do If a Pest Dies in Your Cooling or Heating System?

    It is a frightening experience discovering that a dead mouse, rat, or other small animal has died in an air duct . The foul smell from the small corpse has spread throughout the home. Fortunately, there are ways to clean the area and remove the odor. However, if you cannot stomach handling the situation yourself, do not hesitate to reach out to professional pest control. Dead rodent in your vents? ...
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  • What Makes the AC Filter So Dirty?

    Responsible homeowners understand the importance of replacing their HVAC system filters on schedule. However, there may be occasions when they need to be changed sooner. If you check your air filter once it’s time to replace it and notice that it is completely covered in dust, hair, and other particles, there are several common causes. The following are some common reasons why an air filter will ...
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  • 7 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

    Summer’s scorching heat can be brutal to our bodies, our moods, and our monthly energy bills. But that doesn’t mean alternative cooling methods aren’t available besides cranking up your air conditioning unit. The following are seven tips to help you stay cool during these hot few months: Stay hydrated . When you’re sweating a lot, either because of the summer heat or exercise, drinking enough ...
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  • Saving Money on Your Monthly Energy Bill

    One of the things we dread getting in the mail every month is the energy bill. Whether you’re blasting your air conditioning during the hot summer months or submersing yourself in the indoor heat when it’s cold winter, you run the risk of having to pay an expensive amount of energy to enjoy comfort in your own home. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways you can reduce your bills. Common energy ...
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  • 4 Summer Woes - and How You Can Beat the Heat!

    For many Americans, summer is the best time of year to enjoy the warm weather by flocking to the beach, swimming pools, or taking vacations. However, the heat can be pretty brutal for all ages, especially when it comes to your home. The following are four of the biggest summer woes: Coming home to a scorching desert . When you’ve been working all day, you look forward to relaxing in the comfort of ...
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  • 5 Tips for Buying a New Central AC Unit

    Unfortunately, air conditioners do not last forever. A typical central AC system can last anywhere between one and two decades, so many homeowners need to buy a new system at some point in time. When it is time to replace your AC unit, the following are five tips to ensure that you are making the best decision possible when it comes to fulfilling your home cooling needs: Choose an HVAC installer . ...
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  • 10 Advantages of Having a Humidifier

    There are many benefits to having a humidifier in your home or office for those dry times of the year. This device will increase the moisture in a specific room or area, which will decrease the amount of dryness which can develop within your home or office. When used correctly, humidifiers can help relieve a plethora of health issues. The following are the 10 advantages of having a humidifier: ...
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  • Should I Fix My Thermostat On My Own?

    The thermostat is an important part of running an air conditioning and heating system in any home. However, if you are attempting to adjust the temperature on your thermostat but your HVAC system isn’t responding properly, then perhaps it is a sign of required repairs. Checking for Issues with Your Thermostat It is imperative to understand that HVAC systems are quite complex due to having a wide ...
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  • Is My HVAC System Making My Allergies Worse?

    While the arrival of spring is associated with blossoming flowers and trees, as well as warmer weather, it is also the beginning of allergy season. Many airborne particles such as pollen, dust mites, mold, and pet dander float around, making it troublesome for those with allergies to breathe normally and comfortably. These particles can result in individual suffering from itchy throat, itchy eyes, ...
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