Can I Install a Heat Pump Myself?

Both your air conditioner and heater depend on a lot of different parts to work properly in order to provide you with the warm or cool air you need. However, perhaps no part is more important than your heat pump. When your heat pump breaks down, neither your heater nor your air conditioner will work properly. In order to save money when this happens, you might be tempted to ask whether you can replace your heat pump on your own, especially if you’re comfortable with handiwork and DIY projects. Let’s find out whether or not this is a good idea.

DIY Heat Pump Replacement

To answer the question quickly, the answer is yes, you can replace a heat pump yourself. The next question: is it simple? Absolutely not. Replacing a heat pump involves a lot of careful research to make sure you’re getting one that’s both sized properly for your home and compatible with your existing furnace and air conditioner, and lacking this knowledge and experience can lead to costly mistakes.

Assuming you did purchase the right equipment, replacement job itself is time-consuming and extremely difficult by household repair standards. Not only do you have to get into your furnace and remove the old heat pump, coils, pan, and other components, but you also have to do so while making sure all the right electrical circuits are shut off, and that the new system is installed in its place and re-wired properly without any mistakes. These are not simple plug-and-play replacement jobs: there are dozens of wires that need to all be connected to the right spot or the entire system could fail.

Finally, you’ll also have to deal with making sure refrigerant lines are in good condition and then refilled and re-pressurized to the right levels in order for the system to run at its optimal condition. Failing to make sure your refrigerant is right can lead to massive problems, making this mistake even more costly.

Let a Pro Handle the Job

When you consider the costs of installing a new heat pump yourself and how expensive a mistake can quickly become, it makes a lot more sense to have a heat pump services expert from Kerrville handle the job for you. For the extra cost, you can rest assured that your heat pump is being replaced by a skilled technician who has been highly-trained in the latest and greatest technology to do the job right the first time and with minimal chance of a mistake. As a result, the job will get done right, get done faster, and your home will get back to comfortable temperatures again quicker.

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