The Importance of Getting to Know Your New HVAC System

Before you purchase a new home or right after you move in, learning the ins and outs of it takes time. However, failing to understand how to operate your HVAC systems is a costly mistake.

Did you know that an average home’s cooling and heating systems consume approximately 50% of a household’s total annual energy use? While homeowners are mainly interested in the efficiency levels of their HVAC systems, the equipment won’t work effectively if it isn’t operated and maintained in a proper manner.

The following are HVAC-related questions to ask before you close a deal on a new home:

  1. When was the most recent preventative maintenance tune-up performed? HVAC system manufacturers recommend an annual maintenance appointment for furnaces and air conditioners, and a bi-annual maintenance appointment for heat pump systems.
  2. Are there any warranties and service plans in place or available for transfer? Knowing the details of these policies can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars if an unexpected malfunction occurs. However, if you fail to meet the stipulations of the warranty – especially when it is transferred from the previous owner to new owner – you may not have repairs covered by the warranty.

Common ways to get to know your HVAC systems upon move-in include:

  1. Locate all equipment manuals. Inspect your air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, and thermostat with each manual on-hand. If you cannot find the manuals, obtain replacement copies that are online or available to order.
  2. Learn to use the thermostat and adjust its settings. Since the thermostat controls energy efficient cooling and heating throughout the home, you might be wasting energy – and money – if you do not know how to use it properly.
  3. Understand what energy-saving resources and incentives are available for HVAC systems. Perhaps the best option is to take advantage of energy-smart appliances that offer monetary incentives, such as rebates for replacing inefficient models with Energy Star rated models.

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