Four Signs You Need to Clean Your Ducts

When an issue pops up, most people tend to automatically target their heater or air conditioner as the source of the issue. However, they’re often frustrated when their best efforts don’t lead to better results. What they may not realize is that the cause of their problems might not be in their heater or air conditioner itself, but in the ducts that they use to carry the air throughout their home. Let’s take a look at three signs you may need your ducts cleaned.

Bad Air Quality

Your air filter is supposed to eliminate the dust, dirt, and debris that is sucked into your air intake vents, but they’re not perfect, and over time they become more susceptible to intrusion as they wear out. Contaminants that get through your air filter can get stuck to your heating and cooling coils or continue to circulate through your system, possibly getting stuck in your air vents. Accumulations of dust and other allergens can gradually continue to blow and circulate throughout your home, leading to poor air quality and symptoms like triggered allergies and asthma attacks.

High Utility Bills

Ducts that have not been cleaned for some time are not nearly as proficient at allowing air to flow as ducts that are clean and clear of blockages. This means your air conditioner will become less effective and make it more expensive to cool your home. Your air conditioner will run longer in order to get to the temperature you desire, which will consume more energy, and give you a nasty case of sticker shock when your monthly utility bill arrives. Dirty ducts could also be hiding even more serious issues, such as holes, cracks, or collapsed sections which allow air leaks or further inhibit air flow.

Visible Mold

Mold can grow in all sorts of different situations, but most often likes to settle in damp, dark places where it can easily make root and spread. Air ducts are an ideal place, especially during summer months when cool air is often blowing through your system. Some of the most dangerous types of mold will often take root and penetrate all the way through the surface of whatever they latch on to, making it visible from the outside. If a brief look at your ducts reveals mold, the inside is probably far worse than what you see, meaning you should contact a Kerrville duct cleaning service as soon as possible.

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