Why Spring is the Best Time for A/C Maintenance

Springtime is upon us! Soon the weather will be warming up, plants will be coming back to life, and you’ll be trading out your winter coats for shorts and t-shirts as summer approaches. What that also means is it’s only a matter of time before rising temperatures will have you rushing to your thermostat and firing up your air conditioner to stay cool comfortable in your home. Is your air conditioner ready for the long hours of use it will see in the months ahead? If you don’t have it maintained by a professional Fredericksburg air conditioning technician, it may not be.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why now is the perfect time to have your air conditioner maintained.

Shake Off the A/C Inactivity

Odds are you probably didn’t have to run your air conditioner all winter long. The short daytime hours combined with cool temperatures and frigid temperatures likely means your air conditioner has seen very little work for several months. An inactive air conditioner that’s exposed to the elements has likely developed a good layer of dust on your condenser coils, maybe experienced some wear on your fan belt, and likely needs some added lubrication in your motors.

Firing up your air conditioner with these flaws as they are is going to place added wear and tear on your system as it struggles to get going, which is the reason why most air conditioner breakdowns happen during the first cycle of the season. However, a properly-maintained air conditioner has been treated for these problems beforehand, so it’s ready to go when called upon. As a result, a properly-maintained system is significantly less likely to experience a problem, both on the first cycle of the season, and on any cycles thereafter.

Keep Your Warranty Active

The warranties that cover most modern air conditioners contain a stipulation that requires that you have your air conditioner maintained annually in order to ensure it continues to run optimally. Failing to get this annual maintenance service performed could actually cause your warranty to become void, and thus place all repair or replacement costs squarely on your shoulders.

A warranty can save you thousands of dollars should something go wrong with your air conditioner, so make sure you get this maintenance service before starting the heavy use season to ensure you’re compliant with your requirements as a system owner. That way should anything unexpected go wrong, you can file a warranty claim and have it fixed quickly and effectively at little to no cost to you!

Save Money All Summer Long

Your air conditioner is a lot like your car: the more you take care of it, the better it will run, and the more efficient it will be. The more efficient your car, the less you’ll spend on gas. The same principle applies to your air conditioner: a system that’s properly maintained and given the attention it needs not only is less likely to break down, but actually needs less energy to keep your home cool and comfortable. A cleaned system is one that’s better at transferring heat out of your home, which means your air conditioner won’t need to run as long or as often, which in turn saves you money. Having your system maintained during spring can ensure you maximize this savings by allowing your air conditioner to run at its best all summer long.

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