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Blog Posts in December, 2018

  • Is My Heating Problem an Emergency?

    It’s a freezing cold winter night and suddenly you wake up to your furnace making a loud screeching noise as well as the smell of something burning. Something has clearly gone wrong, there’s no question about it. After shutting your furnace down, you start to wonder if you’ll have to suffer through the cold for the remainder of the night. Pretty much any homeowner can tell you just how quickly ...
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  • What Is Duct Sealing & Is It Worth It?

    When your heating and air conditioning system is running inefficiently, the problem may not be with your units themselves, but rather with the ducts that you rely on to carry this treated air throughout your home. No matter how well your system is running, small holes, cracks, or air leaks in your ductwork cause that treated air to escape, preventing it from reaching the rooms you need it to. This ...
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