What Is Duct Sealing & Is It Worth It?

When your heating and air conditioning system is running inefficiently, the problem may not be with your units themselves, but rather with the ducts that you rely on to carry this treated air throughout your home. No matter how well your system is running, small holes, cracks, or air leaks in your ductwork cause that treated air to escape, preventing it from reaching the rooms you need it to. This is one of the most common reasons for rooms that are either always hot or always cold—the treated air simply can’t get to them without escaping.

While completely replacing your duct system would get rid of the issue, the truth is that this expensive and labor-intensive service may not be necessary. Your existing ducts may still have years of life left in them, and all they need is a simple service which blocks the air leaks and keeps them clean. This service is known as duct sealing, and is a significantly cheaper alternative. Is this service worth it? Our Kerrville heating and cooling experts take a closer look at this question on our blog.

What Is Duct Sealing?

As the name implies, duct sealing is a service which seals leaks, holes, gaps, and other flaws in your ductwork, closing off leak areas and making your ductwork one clean, cohesive network again. The service involves running a special tool into your duct network which is imbued with a special sealing material. Once this substance dries, it forms an air-tight barrier that can block off cracks, leaks, and even holes up to roughly a half-inch in width. The paste material takes about two to three hours to dry, and is moisture, mold, and mildew resistant as well as anti-bacterial when it does.

Advantages of Duct Sealing

What are some of the benefits of sealing your air ducts? Here are just a few of the biggest ones which you’ll enjoy.

  • More efficient heating and cooling: Air leaks are one of the biggest causes of inefficient furnaces and air conditioners. Your system may be in perfect health and working as efficiently as it can, but air leaks will prevent that from showing results. Duct sealing closes off all small air leaks, including those which you may not realize exist, saving you both energy and money.
  • No more hot and cold rooms: Do you have a room in your home which always seems to be unbearably hot during summer or freezing cold in winter? These are usually rooms which are hit the hardest by air leaks in your ductwork that prevent the treated air from reaching them. Sealing your ducts can make your entire home feel more comfortable!
  • Better indoor air quality: Air leaks not only let treated air out, but allow air quality hazards like dust, pollen, dirt, bacteria, mold, and more into your ducts. These hazards are scooped up by the airflow and blown around your home, making your indoor air quality suffer. Sealing your ducts prevents these problems from getting in through a leak, and even reduces their quantity in your ducts altogether.
  • Increased duct lifespan: Some duct sealing treatments can last for decades, increasing the longevity of your ducts by 30 years or more in some cases! How nice would it be to not have to worry about the massive expenditure of replacing your ductwork again for another three decades?

Is duct sealing worth it? In our professional opinion, the answer is absolutely! With so many advantages for everything from air quality to system efficiency and operation, this simple service could more than pay for itself over time. That makes it a fantastic investment in your home.

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