Why Is My Thermostat Screen Blank?

Heading over to your thermostat to find the screen is completely blank can be frustrating. When no amount of button pushing or switch-adjusting will get a response, you may be thinking your air conditioner or heater has given up the ghost and you’ll need to replace it completely. However, before you make any drastic moves, a blank thermostat screen isn’t usually indicative of a problem with your HVAC system, but rather with your thermostat itself.

We get a lot of calls from customers whose thermostats are showing a blank screen, and they’re wondering how bad of a problem they’re facing. Well, there’s good news: usually it’s not that big of a deal and doesn’t require a huge repair. On this blog, we’ll explain three of the most common reasons why your thermostat’s screen is blank and whether or not you can fix the issue on your own.

Dead Battery

One thing that surprises a number of people is that the thermostat on their wall may not necessarily run on the power that’s inside their walls, but is in fact powered by your run-of-the-mill battery cell. Most thermostats require so little energy that they can run for months or even years on the batteries installed, but when the batteries eventually die so does your thermostat.

Fixing this problem is, as you might expect, simple. Just pop your thermostat’s main unit off (if you’re not sure how, simply search for the user’s manual for your thermostat online), and check behind it. If your thermostat is battery-powered, then you’ll probably need to replace it with a nine-volt cell, a AA, or a AAA battery.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

If your thermostat does run on AC power (the wires in your walls) then a blank screen is usually an indication that the power has gone out. If the power is not out in your entire home, then the next place you should turn your attention is either your fuse box or circuit breaker panel. Because HVAC equipment usually draws so much energy, the equipment is usually on its own circuit. Look for that fuse or breaker and see if it has tripped or blown and reset it if it has.

However, if the fuse blows again or the circuit trips quickly after resetting it, then leave it off and quickly call for a professional repair. You likely have a problem with your electrical system that requires urgent attention before continuing to use your HVAC equipment.

Dead Thermostat

Finally, the issue may not necessarily be with the power for your thermostat, but with your thermostat itself. Like any other device, thermostats can wear out, give up, and need replacement. If a battery change or circuit replacement doesn’t solve your problem and you still can’t seem to get a response from your system, then you may need to invest in a new thermostat.

Don’t worry, however. This is a great opportunity to make a small investment in your home that makes a huge difference in your energy efficiency. Modern thermostats are packed with features that improve your energy consumption, give you control using your smartphone or tablet, and even integrate with your existing smart-home technology.

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