How Much Does a New Air Conditioner Cost?

As a homeowner, you’ll have to replace your air conditioner at some point. Some people notice their air conditioner is wearing out and want to get ahead of its inevitable eventual failure, while others need a new one because theirs has broken down completely, or perhaps you’re one of those who is just sick of paying too much in energy costs due to an old, inefficient system. Whatever your reason, if you’re looking into replacing your air conditioner, you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost you. Replacing your air conditioner is a tremendous expense, and that means you’ll want to do your research in order to determine that you’re getting the best possible unit at the best possible price.

When doing your research, the best starting point is to figure out about how much you should expect to pay for a new air conditioner. If you pay too much, you’ll obviously regret spending more than you have to. A company that asks too little, however, is usually a sign of trouble that may make their services more of a headache than they’re worth. To help you get a good starting point, here is about how much you can expect to pay for a new air conditioner and some factors that can influence the price.

What Do You Need?

When it comes to an air conditioner, you’re going to pay for at least two major classes of things, and possibly a third, depending on the scope of what needs done. The first cost is the replacement air conditioning unit itself. This can consist of an outdoor heat pump, indoor coil unit, blower fan, and much more. The second thing you’re going to pay for is the labor to install them. Generally, the cost of the new unit, plus the installation labor along with any applicable fees is what most homeowners look for.

However, there’s a third factor that most people don’t consider: the cost of any additional services they may need. It’s actually not all that common for a homeowner to just need their air conditioner replaced; more often than not they also need duct repairs, replacements, or cleanings in order to maximize their new system’s efficiency, or they need a new thermostat that can help them make the most of the new features available to them. All of these things can add to the overall cost of your new installation, although they can make it well worth the extra expense in the long run.

Cost to Replace AC Unit

So how much can you expect to pay for a new air conditioner installation in your home? The answer depends on several factors, which we’ll discuss briefly.

  • Home size: the larger your home, the bigger an air conditioner you’re going to need in order to effectively cool it. Larger air conditioners require bigger hardware and parts, and that brings their price up. An air conditioning system for a 4,000 square-foot home with three stories is going to be quite a bit more expensive than one for a simple 1,200 single-story home, which even then will be significantly more expensive than one designed to cool an 800-square-foot apartment.
  • Added features: Do you want your system to be capable of cooling multiple zones throughout your home (i.e. have different temperature settings for each floor)? A zone-capable system is going to run you a significantly higher price than a system that cools your entire home evenly. The same can go for systems that are self-diagnosing, those that notify you when their air filter needs changed, and those that have multiple fan-speed settings in order to give you a more precise climate control level. All of these bonus features will add more to your replacement cost, but could save you money in the long run.
  • System efficiency: Every system is given an energy-efficiency rating, known as a SEER rating. The higher the rating, the more efficient your system will be, but also the higher the price. In the past, the average system used to have SEER ratings of around eight or nine, with 12 being a pretty efficient unit. Today, the minimum that companies are legally allowed to market and sell is 13, with the average unit hovering between 13 and 14, with some reaching the 15 mark. However, ultra-efficient units can even reach levels as high as 18 and 19 for those who truly wish to save as much energy as possible.

Average New A/C Cost in Texas

So how much can you truly expect to pay? The average cost of a new residential air conditioner system with installation runs in the range of generally between $5,500 and $7,500. However, this is for an average home, which is generally one or two stories and around roughly 2,000 square feet. These systems also don’t usually include extra features like variable speeds or zoning. This also doesn’t include the cost of any ductwork, line replacement, and other services that may need done in order to make sure your new system works optimally. Smaller homes that need more work done can expect to pay as high as $8,000 to $10,000, while mid-size homes can be up as high as $20,000 for larger units with more added features and labor.

Custom homes are by far the most expensive, often needing specialized climate control capabilities with the latest and greatest technology, all of which adds to the cost. Custom homes that have floorplans of 3,500 square feet or more should be prepared for a replacement air conditioner to run them as much as $35,000 to $50,000 in order to develop, install, and fine-tune a truly custom solution using the latest and greatest air conditioning technology.

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