Want to Save Money On Energy? Install a Ceiling Fan!

Did you know that approximately half of the energy that the average American household uses each year is dedicated to heating and cooling costs? Even with today’s modern, ultra-efficient systems, heating or cooling your home is still an expensive endeavor, particularly during the coldest winter nights and the hottest summer days. So naturally, if you want to make a dent in your energy bills and save some money, this big energy consumer is a great place to start.

So how can you keep yourself cool and comfortable while also saving money and using less energy? The answer may surprise you: install a ceiling fan! Ceiling fans are extremely popular additions to homes: not only are they inexpensive and add a touch of beauty to the room they’re in, but they also can reduce your energy consumption by allowing you to run your system less while staying cool and comfortable.

The Secret to Their Energy Saving

Ceiling fans use small but remarkably efficient motors—a tiny fraction of what your central heating and air conditioning system uses, which means that by running a fan and not your air conditioner, you’ll use significantly less energy. But here’s the important question: how do they keep you comfortable? Ceiling fans keep a constant flow and circulation of the air in your home, which means the temperature will remain far more consistent all throughout, including up near the ceiling and down below.

However, these air currents also do more than keep the temperature balanced: they also feel cool for your body. Think of it this way: if you sit in front of a regular stand fan, you feel significantly cooler when you’re in the fan’s path. This is because the air that passes over your body is actually removing heat from your body through a process known as “evaporative cooling.” As a result, you feel cooler even though the air in the room isn’t actually getting any cooler.

Yes, that last sentence is true, and it’s important that you know this: fans don’t actually make rooms cooler; they just make them feel cooler. As a result, a fan left on in a room that nobody’s using isn’t going to do you any good. Likewise, turning your air conditioner off completely will eventually lead to your home becoming unbearably hot. However, if you plan on running a fan, you can set the thermostat several degrees higher, which will save you a good amount of money on energy.

During Winter

Fans can even help you when it’s cold outside as well! On the side of your ceiling fan motor is a switch that controls your motor direction. By flipping this switch, your fan will run in reverse and actually pull air upward from the ground to the ceiling. This forces the warm air that naturally rises to the ceiling to actually cycle downward and even out the temperature in your room. This allows you to make more use of the heat in your room and enjoy a more comfortable, consistent temperature while running your furnace or boiler less often!

A well-maintained air conditioner or heater will also use less energy! Call the Fredericksburg HVAC maintenance team at 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating at (830) 302-3140 to schedule your in-home maintenance service today.