5 Ways To Cut Back On A/C Usage This Spring

Everyone wants to stay cool during the summer, but running your air conditioner constantly can result in massive energy bills. Saving money on your spring and summer cooling costs isn't as difficult as you may think.

You don't need to sacrifice any modern conveniences or take an unrealistic DIY route. But there are some spring and summer life hacks that will make it easier for you to lower your home's temperature and stay cool without having to keep your AC on.

1. Go Green With Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

Cellular shades are one of the most affordable and accessible energy-efficient window treatments that will keep your home cooler and save you money. Up to 20 percent of hot or cool air dissipates through your windows, so the right shades can make a massive difference in how much you pay.

Cellular shades feature a honeycomb-style design that traps air around the windows, retaining heat in the winter and keeping the house cool during the summer months. Different styles of honeycomb shades provide varying levels of insulation, so you'll want to investigate several models to determine the right one for your home and budget.

2. Stay Downstairs as Often as Possible

Heat rises, so if you spend most of your time upstairs in your bedroom or a home office, you're going to use your air conditioner more frequently. Stick to your home's lower levels during the day so you can keep your thermostat set to a higher temperature until bedtime.

3. Don't Avoid Fans

Many people don't turn on their ceiling fans with the AC on because they think they're saving money, but the opposite might be true. If you set your ceiling fan to counterclockwise, you can create a wind tunnel that keeps rooms cooler for longer, allowing you to shut off your air conditioner for longer periods.

4. Do Some Rearranging

Keep appliances, electronics and other heat-generating devices away from the thermostat. Heat produced by these objects can cause your air conditioner to run longer. You should also avoid placing any new thermostats in areas that receive direct sunlight.

5. Keep Your Temperature Stable

The Department of Energy recommends you keep your thermostat at 78 degrees in the summer and 68 degrees in the winter. If you set your temperature back by 7 or 8 degrees Fahrenheit when you're away, you can save as much as 10 percent on your energy bill each year.

Don't Forget Your Summer AC Tune-up!

The easiest way to save money on air conditioning is to maintain your home's HVAC system! Call in a professional to clean your coils, change the air filter, check the voltages and make sure your thermostat is well-adjusted.

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