Why is My Energy Bill Higher Than Normal This Month?

Let's face it; no one is jumping for joy when they open their monthly bills, especially when the heat in Texas hits. You may notice with the warmer weather this month comes a larger-than-average energy bill. Well, we have some good news for you— it’s something you can avoid. So if you find yourself questions “Why is my energy bill higher than normal?”, here are some of the most common answers:

You Have Dirty Air Filters and Air Vents

In order for your system to properly do its job, air must go through the filter and vents. The cleaner they are, the easier the air can pass through it. With neglect, the system has to work with layers of dirt and debris, restricting airflow and putting unnecessary stress on your machine. To reach the desired temperature, your system will require more energy leading to a higher bill. To avoid this, make sure you are regularly cleaning and changing your filters and scheduling your vent cleanings.

You Skipped Your AC Tuneup

A tune-up is like a check-up for your system. By ignoring it, you are avoiding the signs that something is wrong. When you schedule a regular visit with a technician, they will do a complete look over of your system, so they can find any minor thing that could be causing you issues. These little things can harm your HVAC’s performance and lead to significant breakdowns later on. If something is going on, and it’s not caught early, a high energy bill is usually what follows.

You're Misusing Your Thermostat

You want the home to be cooler, so you lower the temperature. You’re cold, so you raise the heat. It sounds, simple, but often we take this to the extreme. Constantly raising and lowering your thermostat forces your machine to reach the desired temperature faster than it can handle.

This leads to stress and higher bills and doesn’t save any time getting to the temperature you want. Instead, slowly raise or lower it, and be sure to keep it at a steady temperature when you’re not home. You’ll thank us when you see the energy bill.

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