Buying a New Home? Important HVAC Questions to Ask Your Realtor

There is a lot that goes into buying a new home, and the entire process can become a little overwhelming. When looking for a new home in Fredericksburg or Kerrville, it is important to ask about your potential home’s HVAC system. Our hot, humid summers and cold, wet winters require powerful, well-maintained home HVAC units. Old, or poorly maintained, units will not be able to sustain stable temperatures in your new home, and you will be stuck in a beautiful home with no climate control. So, here at 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating, we want to equip you with the important HVAC questions to ask your realtor.

HVAC Questions For Your Realtor

1. How old is this home’s HVAC unit?

HVAC units do not get better with age. The average lifespan of a heating and air conditioning system is fifteen to twenty years; however, most need replacing before then due to poor maintenance practices. Additionally, older HVAC units are not friendly to the environment, using loads of energy to deliver desired temperatures. This will lead to expensive utility bills.

Ultimately, aged HVAC equipment should not be the determining reason you don’t purchase a home; however, you should factor in repair and replacement costs when thinking of an offer.

2. What kind of HVAC system is installed?

Does your new potential home have central air conditioning and heating? Does it have a ductless system, a heat pump, or a furnace? These are imperative questions to ask, along with brand name and operating style.

You want a reputable, energy star system in your new home, so you can trust your HVAC unit to provide adequate heating and cooling while meeting federal energy efficiency mandates.

You also will want to understand how your air conditioning and heating are programmed. Is your system connected to your phone? Do you have a wall-mounted operation center? The best HVAC systems are programmable, so you can preset temperatures to match your schedule. Make sure you understand what system is installed in your potential new residence, and that you know how to use the system before putting an offer in on a home.

3. What are the energy ratings?

This is synonymous with asking, “How much will my monthly utility bill cost?”. Heating and cooling services account for more than half of your home’s monthly energy use. You want a system with a high energy rating, as the higher the energy rating the lower your monthly utility costs.

Explicitly inquire about seasonal energy efficiency and annual fuel utilization efficiency. You want a seasonal energy efficiency between thirteen and twenty-five, and an annual fuel utilization efficiency between ninety-two percent and one hundred percent.

4. Can I see the HVAC maintenance records?

Asking this question early on will save you from hidden expenses in the future. Reviewing the home’s HVAC maintenance records will reveal if the previous homeowner scheduled regular maintenance. It will also reveal any major HVAC issues and repairs. If the home’s HVAC system has undergone repetitive repairs or has had large scale breakdowns, be wary of the longevity and functionality of the unit.

5. Is the home’s HVAC system still under warranty?

Even if a home has a new air conditioning and heating system, it is still not likely that it will come with a warranty. After the sale of a home, many warranty contracts are terminated, as they are only valid between the company and the original owner. Requesting to include a warranty with the sale of a home is absolutely acceptable; however, it is recommended to negotiate the overall price of a home, to include potential warranty costs, rather than ask a current owner to purchase a new warranty for the unit.


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