Clothing and Comfort: Dressing for Summer

We all would do just about anything to stay cool on days when the temperature outside hits triple digits. And, here in Fredericksburg, Texas, it’s a common occurrence. Your air conditioning system has got your back indoors; however, when you’re out and about, controlling your personal temperature can be hard. We, here at 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating, are here to show you how hacking the heat outdoors is just as simple as adjusting your thermostat. All you have to do is change your clothes.

By dressing in the right summertime clothing, you can achieve summer comfort with little effort. Wearing the appropriate summer fabrics will make exponential differences in managing your personal temperature, both indoors and out. You may be thinking—“I have no clue what makes a fabric a summer fabric”—but that’s what we are here for! So, no need to sweat it out. Here are the summertime fabrics that will keep you cool, and the ones that won’t. Say farewell to committing summer fabric faux pax’s.

Fabric Great For Summertime

  1. Cotton

Breathability. That is the best word to describe cotton. Made from natural fibers, cotton is lightweight and soft. It also allows the heat generated by your body to escape, as air can easily circulate through the airy loops within cotton’s interlocking knits, keeping you cool. This fabric is accessible and abundant, so the next time you’re at the mall, grab 100% cotton garments and you will be chilling in no time.

  1. Chambray

This fabric is the answer to achieving the denim look, without actually wearing denim. Chambray is a woven cotton textile that will cool you down in both dry and humid heat. Wearing woven cotton will actually reduce your felt temperature even more than knit cotton will, as its finer weave means it will have higher breathability.

  1. Linen

Hate to iron? This fabric may not be for you; however, it is worth the wrinkles. Linen is made from flax plants, and as a result, it is extremely durable. It absorbs moisture, but dries quickly, and is extremely lightweight. From work to the beach, Linen will keep your temperature down and retain its shape. One extra bonus to linen—it doesn't lose its structure over the course of a day, so your pants won’t stretch out!

  1. Seersucker

If you like traveling, this is the summertime fabric for you. Searsucker is a thin, horizontally striped fabric made out of cotton. It is sown to pucker, so it never needs to be ironed, making it a prime fabric to pack for your next vacation.

  1. Blends

Dealing with humidity? Synthetic fabric blends are the way to go. Blends draw away moisture, keeping you dry in humid environments. This fabric does not require any special maintenance and is machine washable. For an easy-going summer, buy summer garments made of blends.

Fabric To Stay Away From This Summer

  1. Polyester

Even though polyester is a major bargain, don’t purchase it during the summer. Polyester is a water-resistant fabric, which also means it has zero moisture absorbing capabilities. It is an insulating fabric, meaning your body heat will be trapped underneath your clothing. Wearing polyester garments in hot climates will end in sweat; and, a lot of it.

  1. Rayon

This fabric is man-made. Rayon has cotton in it; yet, it is mostly made up of synthetic fabrics. It may appear thin, but it will trap moisture and heat you up rather than cool you down.

  1. Denim

It’s not breathable. It’s not stretchy. It’s not for summer. We all love a good vintage Levi jean, but save your jeans for the fall. Wearing denim in summer will only increase sweating and chafing. Stick to Chambray, it has the appearance of denim, without its heat-trapping characteristics.

For more cooling comfort tips, contact 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating, at (830) 302-3140. We are here for all your summertime cooling needs.