How to Find the Right Window AC Unit

If you have recently purchased a home for the first time, or are moving into a new apartment, window AC units are the simplest and most cost-effective way to get efficient cooling relief. A single piece of equipment with all the components stored inside the box-shaped unit, these type of air conditioners are traditionally installed in a window and connected to an electrical outlet. This allows them to be moved from room to room, which provides added convenience in homes where certain rooms are warmer than otters, or particular spaces need extra cooling power on top of an existing HVAC system.

How Do Window Units Work?

Like most standard air conditioning systems, window units use refrigerant to extract heat and humidity while circulating cool air. The essential parts of any AC system—thermostat, fan, blower, refrigerant tubing, compressor, evaporator coil, and condenser coil—are also present in window units. The main difference is that the thermostat tends to be focused on one room specifically, and is designed to trigger the blower when temperatures in that room rise to extreme levels. From there, room air is pulled over refrigerant coils, with cool air then being pushed back into the room.

Selecting the Right Window AC Unit for Your Home

Because your AC needs may vary greatly depending on the space, it is important to select a window unit that makes sense for your home. Chances are not every room in your house or apartment is similar, which means that certain units may work better for some rooms than others.

Before you buy a window AC unit, be sure to consider:

  1. The Size: A window unit that is too small for a particular room will have to use that much more power to cool it, driving up your energy bills while providing less relief. Conversely, a unit that is too big may cool your space without having time to extract the humidity, leading to a room feeling sticky despite being cold.
  2. The Power: Most window ACs require 20 BTUs (British Thermal Units, the standard measurement of cooling capacity) to cool down a square foot of space. Therefore, when buying a window unit, you should multiply the length of the room you are putting it in by the width of that room, then multiply that number by 20. This will roughly provide the number of BTUs your unit will need to adequately cool the space.
  3. The Placement: In addition to considering the size of the room you are putting your new AC unit in, you should also consider where that room is in your house—i.e. will it be placed in a room which is particularly exposed to the elements, will it be in a room that gets more or less sunlight. Depending on where you live, weather and general climate can greatly affect unit placement.

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