Why Am I Warm Even When My AC Is On?

Have you found that you often run your AC for hours at a time, only too have your house stay overly warm? You’re not alone. Many homeowners experience this frustrating problem, which not only leads to an uncomfortable environment but oftren drives up the electricity bill.

To clarify, we aren’t talking about a single AC unit blowing warm air rather than cool air. We’re talking about switching your HVAC system to the cool setting, only for your air conditioner’s power to seemingly disappear. AC malfunctions are one thing, but if you keep experiencing this issue, chances are the problem is actually that your system is turning the heater on.

Why Your Heater Keeps Turning on Even Though Your HVAC System Is on Cool

There are a number of reasons your HVAC system may be accidentally turning your heater on. Of course, it is possible that you simply have it on the wrong setting, which is why it’s always a good idea to make sure your system is definitely set to “cool” before calling a technician. If you are absolutely sure, however, that it is the system’s fault and not your own, it’s best to call an experienced HVAC tech right away, as accidental heating can indicate a potentially dangerous issues.

3 reasons your HVAC system may be accidentally turning your heater on are:

  1. There’s a problem with your thermostat: Sometimes, a heating problem can be explained by simple thermostat trouble. If, for instance, your thermostat has lost power, you may be able to change the batteries to make it function correctly again. If your thermostat is displaying a blank screen, it’s possible a breaker has tripped, and you may need to reset it. It’s also possible your device is simply worn out or defective, in which case you will need to replace it altogether.
  2. There’s a problem with your connection: A faulty connection between your thermostat and your heating and cooling units can cause your HVAC system to get confused. In some cases, the wiring connecting this equipment can short out, which would also explain the issue. This can occur for any number of reasons, from water damage to pests chewing away at the wiring. Either way, what it comes down to is that even if your thermostat is set to cool, the rest of your system won’t know what to do if there is a connection problem, which is how your heater accidentally gets turned on.
  3. There’s an electrical problem with your furnace: Even during the summer, the blower in your furnace helps circulate cold air from your AC. Because of this, electrical problems with the furnace’s motherboard can cause it to circulate hot air even when it should be blowing cool air instead. Much like wiring problems with your thermostat, this can be caused by any number of factors, all of which are good cause to call an HVAC technician. Wiring issues can be very dangerous if not dealt with promptly, so it’s always best to hire a skilled professional sooner rather than later.

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