What Is the Right Room Temperature for My Christmas Tree?

Christmas is almost here, and if you’re like most people, you’ve probably just put up your tree, or are going to put it up in the next couple days. However, a smart homeowner like yourself knows that Christmas trees don’t just care for themselves. Whether you’re a pine or a fir person, it’s important that you don’t neglect your tree once it’s up—at least, it’s important if you want your tree to stay healthy and beautiful through the holiday season. Part of this care and maintenance process, and a part too many people sadly forget, is making sure you find the right room temperature for your Christmas tree.

How to Prevent Your Tree from Drying Out This Christmas

As you can probably already guess from our name, 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating are experts when it comes to indoor temperatures. That’s why we know that while you may be tempted to crank your thermostat up over the winter months, this actually isn’t a great idea.

Chances are, you will be using your furnace or heat pump more during the winter. To offset the heating costs from these devices, you should actually set your thermostat lower—just as you would set it higher in the summer to offset AC costs. We suggest keeping your average room temperature in the mid-60s this winter, or even as low as 60 degrees, if you have more people in your home. Not only will this save you money on your energy bill, it will also create a better indoor climate for your Christmas tree, which will dry out quickly if the temperature is too high.

Other Tips for Preserving Your Christmas Tree

When it comes to Christmas trees and room temperature, cool is the name of the game. Try to put your tree in a shaded area, either away from sunny windows or at least in a place where you can easily draw the blinds. You will definitely want to keep your tree away from any heating units or air vents in the room where you set it up. And if you have a fireplace, be mindful that a) keeping your tree too close to it can create a fire hazard, and b) the longer you use that fireplace, the more you are likely to dry your tree out (and worsen your indoor air quality.)

You should also try to buy a tree from a reputable, local source that you know sells trees fresh. Make sure to water your Christmas tree regularly, if you want it to last at least a month. There should be at least an inch of cold water around the base of your tree at all times. Finally, avoid using “miracle tree care” chemicals, as these usually do nothing for your tree’s health. When you start to see pine needles on the floor all around the tree, that usually means it’s time in your home is coming to an end.

From our Fredericksburg HVAC pros here at 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating, we hope you have a very happy holiday. Remember, we are available 24/7 year-round to answer all of your heating and cooling questions.

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