Wine Cellar Maintenance Tips for Winter

If you are hosting a family gathering this Christmas or preparing for a big New Year’s party in the coming weeks, you’ll want to make sure the wine is ready to flow. At 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating, we know a thing or two about this, as we offer custom work for wine cellars and wine rooms. So you can trust us when we say that temperature control is essential for helping your wine taste better and last longer. As winter continues, you will want to make several HVAC adjustments in order to keep your wine stores safe throughout the colder months. Keep reading to learn the best wine cellar maintenance tips for winter, and make sure to contact our Kerrville heating and cooling pros before installing a wine storage unit.

Our Top 10 Wine Cellar Maintenance Tips for Winter Are:

  1. If you have a gas system, make sure to check your carbon monoxide detector. Not only can this gas set your cellar on fire if you aren’t careful, but it’s toxic for everyone in your house.
  2. Also for gas systems, clean and test the flame sensor. Making sure this component works is essential for your wine cellar and furnace at large.
  3. Inspect the ignitor on your gas system. Your cellar will not be able to receive the necessary heat it needs in the wintertime if this part malfunctions.
  4. Check your filters. This is always a good idea in HVAC maintenance, but doing so will help improve your indoor air quality this winter, and keep your wine room fresh and free of contaminants.
  5. For electric systems, check the amp draw on heat strips. If these wire elements are not working, once again, your cellar will not be able to get the heat it needs.
  6. For heat pumps, check the amp draw on the compressors.
  7. Fill your heat pump with refrigerant if necessary. For the sake of your wine cellar and your entire property, it is important that your heat pump contains consistent refrigerant levels year-round.
  8. Make sure the evaporator motor in your system is working. This component circulates air, and if it stops working, your wine will not be able to maintain an ideal temperature.
  9.  Adjust your thermostat for winter and make sure it is working accordingly. You should already be keeping your thermostat at a lower setting in winter than in summer, and in your wine room specifically, the temperature should stay around 55 degrees.
  10. Have your ducts cleaned and inspected for leaks. While you may not be able to do this on your own, hiring a technician for duct sealing and replacement will encourage better and cleaner air circulation in your wine cellar and around your house.

For more assistance with wine room maintenance, dial (830) 302-3140, or contact us online.