What Type of Thermostat Is Right for My Home?

Today, there are more thermostats on the market than ever before. Some of them use very impressive technology and can do amazing things for your heating and cooling system. However, not every homeowner wants hi-tech innovations. Others may want a certain number of upgrades, but to stay close to something they are familiar with. Keep reading to learn what type of thermostat is right for your home, and contact our Fredericksburg and Kerrville experts at 72 Degrees Heating & Air Conditioning for a full range of HVAC services.

Thermostat options available on the market today include:

  • Smart/Learning Thermostats: Smart thermostats are great for homeowners who want the option to program their thermostats, but do not have to. The reason they are often called “learning thermostats” is because they adjust as you use them to change the temperature based on your preferences. For instance, smart thermostats may automatically turn themselves off when you’re away for the day. They also use sensors to learn which rooms are naturally hotter and colder. This makes them great for energy efficiency, with some even providing monthly energy reports. As an added bonus, certain models can even be linked to home security systems. It is important that you feel comfortable with technology if you are planning to install a smart thermostat, as these devices are generally managed through your wi-fi network.
  • Remote Energy Management Thermostats: One specific kind of smart thermostats are remote energy management thermostats. These devices are named as such because they can be monitored remotely through your computer, tablet, or phone, allowing you to customize your temperature schedule from anywhere. They are a slight upgrade from regular smart thermostats in this sense, however, they will require you to buy a separate hub which connects to your broadband network, allowing you to access your remote thermostat through your wi-fi.
  • Programmable Thermostats: Programmable thermostats are a great option for homeowners who may want to adjust the temperature in their home from room to room or throughout the day. Once you input the desired settings in your thermostat, it will automatically make changes you want it to on a daily basis—for instance, if you program your thermostat to be cooler in the morning and warmer at night, it will then repeat those settings over and over again.
  • Digital Non-Programmable Thermostats: Non-programmable thermostats are a good bridge for those looking for a small technological update but who may not yet be comfortable with having their settings change automatically or with adjusting to a major new piece of technology in their home. These devices don’t require you to hook anything up to your wi-fi, and while they will require you to physically make changes yourself, the digital LCD display should make this process much easier.
  • Manual/Mechanical Thermostats: Manual or mechanical thermostats force you to make all temperature changes on your own. Although perhaps not as easy to adjust, this more traditional type of thermostat is good for individuals who prefer a consistent temperature in their home at most times.

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