How to Keep Pollen Out of Your Home This Spring

Take a look around at the trees, flowers, and shrubs in Fredericksburg and Kerrville. Notice anything different about them? Many of them are beginning to bloom for spring! The beauty of nature is breathtaking, but the allergies flora in bloom can cause may take your breath away for a different reason altogether.

When pollen spores and bits of dander end up inside, it can be hard to escape the allergies they trigger. For people living with severe allergies or asthma, indoor pollen can be a serious problem and health concern. To fight the worse of the allergy season, you have to keep pollen out of your home.

Here are a few quick hints to help reduce indoor pollen contamination and build-up this spring:

  • Close up your windows: First things first, you should seal your windows throughout the worst of pollen season. An open window is an open invitation for all sorts of pollen to drift in. You won’t see individual spores coming in, but before you know it, you’ll probably see anything near the window coated in the stuff. Don’t forget to close exterior doors fully whenever you step in or out, too.
  • Get clean after yardwork: Whenever you spend a half hour or more outside, or whenever you complete some yardwork, you should prepare to get fully clean as soon as you go back inside your home. Head to the laundry room and shower right away. Otherwise, you’ll be walking around your house, spreading pollen spores wherever you go.
  • Keep shoes by the door: Speaking of not trekking pollen throughout your house, you and your guests should always take your shoes off by the door and leave them there. A designated shoe spot helps control where pollen goes in your home. You may also want to invest in a good doormat and have everyone wipe their feet three or four times before entering.
  • Brush your pets: Dogs and cats don’t know to wipe their feet, though, and they don’t wear shoes. Instead, when they come indoors, try to intercept them with a treat and a brush. They’ll probably love a quick brushing without realizing you have some allergy-related ulterior motives.
  • Park in the garage: If you have a garage, the springtime is the best time to start using it. You have probably noticed cars parked around town with a thin coat of yellow on them. Your vehicle will be no different if you leave it outside. Park in the garage to avoid the pollen storm collecting on your car.
  • Get HVAC maintenance: Last but definitely not least, you should have your air conditioning system maintained at the start of spring. A worn-out filter or cracked ventilation ducts, for example, will not help keep pollen under control and out of your home. But an HVAC pro can perform tune-ups, duct sealing, and so forth to make necessary improvements.

At 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating, we help our customers improve their indoor air quality through a variety of services. If the pollen clouds around Fredericksburg and Kerrville are becoming problematic for your springtime allergies, then it is time to give us a ring at (830) 302-3140. We would be happy to discuss a variety of ways we can help you pollen-proof your home with HVAC services performed by local pros you know and trust!