What are the Different Types of A/C Units?

If there's one thing we have to thank modern technology for, it's air conditioning. Imagine living your life now without the sweet relief of indoor cooling. Most of us would go mad, especially living in the hottest parts of the country where it's not uncommon for summer temperatures to reach scorching new heights.

If your AC just doesn't cut it anymore, you want to upgrade before Mr. Sun starts to flare up again. But what type of air conditioning really is best? You can't go off price alone, but what should you really consider when you're perusing the market?

Choosing the right air conditioner is easy when you understand your options! Check out the five most common types of air conditioning units so you can make the best choice for your house this spring and summer.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is the most common type of AC in American homes. Your house uses its vents and ducts to circulate cool air from room to room. Once cool air has been used, it's circulated back into the ducts, cooled down and pushed back out again. The actual process is a lot fancier and technical, but for brevity's sake, let's stick with this explanation.

If your home wasn't equipped with a central air conditioning system when you purchased it, or if it’s time for an upgrade, choosing the right one with a trusted professional team (like us, hint, hint) is important. If you pick the wrong size, you’ll wind up over-running the system and paying ten times more than you have to in utility bills.

Summer is already brutal enough. Don't make it worse with massive bills!

Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless, mini-split systems each have their own thermostat, which means no more fighting over whether the house should be 70 or 75 degrees. Every room can be cooled to its occupant's liking with this type of system.

Usually, a ductless, mini-split air conditioner supports up to four individual units that connect to one outside unit. This type of system is typically best for attics, additions or extensions to the house and porches.

Window Unit

The boxy window air conditioners you see in old apartments aren't crowd-favorites anymore, but they still get the job done. If you're on a tight budget, a window air conditioning unit can serve as a fast and effective solution to keep you from melting in the sweltering heat.

Window units blow hot air out the back and push cool air into the room, so they're best for people who need to cool only a small space like a stuffy bedroom or studio apartment. Larger homes that require greater circulation won't benefit as much from window units, so it's best to consider alternatives if you have a bigger space.

Portable Air Conditioner

If you don't want to go through the hassle of a renovation and installation, you could buy a portable AC unit. These AC units vent warm air out of a room through an exhaust pipe you hang out of a window. These are simple, easy-to-use air conditioners that are great for effectively cooling down a small space. They're even better if you're short on cash and can't afford a multi-thousand dollar system.

Choosing the right one is still important, though. A mid-range portable air conditioner will strike the perfect balance between price and performance, depending on your unique situation.

Hybrid Air Conditioners

Everyone wants to be more eco-friendly nowadays, and hybrid models aren't just for cars. A hybrid AC runs on both fossil fuels and electricity. Hybrid units run off smart systems designed to switch between the most effective model that increased performance and saves money.

Cutting back on usage is important if you want to keep your cooling costs low, but it isn't practical or efficient to manually turn your AC on and off throughout the day. During the summer, hybrid systems pull warm air from the home and push it outside, while it does the exact opposite during the winter.

Extracted heat can be turned into cool air for your home, and a hybrid air conditioner can even be solar-powered to save you even more money and help you lower that carbon footprint.

Like a great love, the right air conditioner is hard to find but oh so worth waiting for. If you're ready to find your perfect match and enjoy nothing but cool, clean air this summer, give us a call at 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating at (830) 302-3140. You can also use our site's chat box or click here to schedule a service!