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Blog Posts in May, 2019

  • Help! Why Is My Split A/C Leaking?

    As all Texans know, a working air conditioner is essential to total home comfort. For many homeowners, a split air conditioner is the best way to achieve this. Split AC systems have two units, one of which goes inside, and one which goes outside. If you hear people referring to their central AC, chances are they’re talking about split units. Split AC systems have many advantages, including the ...
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  • 7 Ways To Keep Cool Without Cranking The Air Conditioner

    With hot temperatures on the way, it's important to make the most of spring and save as much as you can before the air conditioner is a must. Although you might be inclined to shut all the windows and crank down the thermostat as soon as it rises above 70° outside, try some of these cooling hacks to stay comfortable indoors without running up your utility bill. Freeze Your Pillowcases It sounds ...
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  • Why Does My A/C System Keep Turning Off?

    As another scorching summer fast approaches, the state of your air conditioner is more important than ever. You turn it on to get some relief only to find that it shuts off in a matter of minutes. Your house definitely isn't cool enough, so what could be the reason? If your system turns off and back on again at frequent intervals, this is called "short-cycling." Frozen Evaporator Coil An air ...
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