How to Properly Cool the Second Floor of Your Home

Everyone who lives in a home with more than one story knows it’s harder to keep the second floor as cool as the first. This is because heat rises, so sometimes, even when you are running the air conditioner, it still feels extremely hot upstairs. Fortunately, there are things you can do to maintain consistent, cool temperatures throughout a 2-story house. Keep reading to learn how to properly cool the second floor of your home, and contact our Fredericksburg HVAC pros at 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating for all the AC services you need!

Top 5 Tips for Keeping the Second Floor of Your Home Cool

  1. Cover Windows: It may sound pretty basic, but covering up upstairs windows goes a long way to keeping out unwanted heat on your second floor. Make sure you have blinds and drapes in every upstairs room if possible, and keep the shades closed when it is excessively hot out.
  2. Turn Off Lights: Another simple but effective step you can take to increase cooling relief is turning off unnecessary lights. Even energy-efficient, LED lighting can generate a significant amount of heat, so as a rule of thumb, if you are out of a particular room you might as well save money and stay cool by turning the lights off.
  3. Install a Ceiling Fan: While ceiling fans may not create the intensive cooling relief an AC unit can, they do help circulate air, thereby working in conjunction with your HVAC system to make you feel cooler.
  4. Keep an Eye on the Kitchen: If there’s one surefire way to raise the temperature in your home to an unwanted level, it’s to keep the oven on longer than necessary. The heat generated from kitchen appliances can rise to the upper part of your home, so the hotter it gets throughout the day, the greater you will feel their effects upstairs. In the summer, try to use everything from your stove to your dryer only in the morning, and take advantage of the weather by going outside to grill whenever possible—after all, what are the warmer months for!
  5. Adjust Vents: Partially closing your vents downstairs will help to redirect cool air upstairs, so if members of your family spend a lot of the time on the second floor, it’s a good idea to do this when it gets hot out. That said, do not close your vents completely, as this can cause pressure problems for your HVAC equipment. 

Stay Cool No Matter What with 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating

As Texas residents already know, it’s hot throughout much of the year in this state. Therefore, the final and best way to ensure you receive comprehensive cooling on both levels of your house is to schedule periodic AC maintenance with our Fredericksburg HVAC experts. We handle a range of equipment, and provide AC installations and repairs to help your system work better and last longer.

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