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Sewers & Drains Services
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You almost never think about your drains or sewer system–until something goes wrong. And then, when you do need a repair, the repair location and accessibility can make it complicated. Luckily, the answer is easy. 72 Degrees Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing experienced licensed plumbers can get the job done right.

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    Sewer repair is a vital plumbing service that cannot wait. When disaster strikes, you need your sewer repaired immediately. A damaged or clogged sewer can be not only inconvenient, but unhygienic and can cause other plumbing problems throughout your home.
    Many factors contribute to sewer damage, from tree root growth to rodent interference. Regardless of the cause, you’ll need a plumbing expert to address the problem…FAST.
    A smart plumber will always start with less invasive options to pinpoint the problem when it comes to sewer repair. These options include video camera inspection, pipe lining, and sewer line water jetting. If the problem is more difficult to locate or repair from a distance, excavation might be required. Allowing the problem to persist even one day can result in serious and devastating damage to your home’s plumbing, as well as the health of its residents.
    If you’re experiencing a sewer emergency, don’t hesitate to call 72 Degrees Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing at (830) 997-5651 for immediate service. Our team of experts is ready to go to work whenever you need us.

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  • Man hooking up water to the jetter to unclog pipes.

    We expect a lot from the drains in our homes. Many of us have learned that drains can suffer from wear and tear given enough time and persistent use. Many homeowners think about drain repair and drain cleaning in spring, while even more take a proactive approach during the winter months to ensure protection from the cold. Before long, professional drain inspection, cleaning, and even repair will be needed to keep those drains flowing properly.
    Drain cleaning can instantly get rid of clogs from a variety of factors. Clearing your drains of blockages can restore essential flow to your plumbing system and lessen the chance of plumbing disasters in the future. When considering the benefits of drain cleaning, it becomes a no-brainer.
    If your drains need repair or cleaning, don’t hesitate to call (830) 997-5651 for immediate service.

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  • Sewer and Drain Repairs Can’t Wait!

    No matter the reason you need sewer repair or drain cleaning, our skilled plumbers are here and ready to assist you. Just call (830) 997-5651 and get scheduled right away.

    Wizards of Comfort Provide 5-Star Service

    From the moment you call, we want to deliver a high-quality service experience! Our team is always ready to serve Fredericksburg, Kerrville, Mason, Boerne and everywhere in between. Here’s what you can expect from our highly skilled and licensed a technicians and plumbers in anticipation of your upcoming service visit:

    24/7 Emergency Service

    Fair, Upfront Pricing

    On Time Service

    Fully Stocked Trucks

    Fixed Right, or It’s Free Guarantee

    Our goal is to provide our customers the best solutions. That means diagnosing the problem, offering options, and providing you all the information you need to make an informed decision. With affordable solutions and excellent customer service, you can count on the Wizards of Comfort to handle all your plumbing and a HVAC needs.

    Do You Have A Sewer Leak?

    We’ve seen the results of an undiagnosed sewer problem many, many times. Sewer issues can go unnoticed for a long time as the signs of sewer problems can be subtle. They can persist undetected for years until a catastrophic failure makes them impossible to ignore. The most common signs of a sewer problem are:

    • Patches of your yard are uncharacteristically lush or green.
    • Bubbling or gurgling noises appear when you flush the toilet or drain the tub.
    • The smell of sewage permeates your home or yard.
    • Parts of your plumbing back up on a regular basis
    • Areas of your yard are always wet and squishy without explanation

    In almost all cases, one of the following is to blame for a persistent or sudden sewer problem:

    • Tree/vegetation roots growing into the sewer lines.
    • Pipe age. As the sewer system ages, pipes are more prone to leaking and cracking.

    Signs You Need A Drain Cleaning

    Blocked or poorly functioning drains can be a major source of frustration. The larger and more stubborn a clog gets, the more expensive the issue will be to plumbing repair. It’s vital that you are aware of the warning signs of a drain issue. These include:

    • Water backing up inside or outside your home.
    • Sluggish draining of tubs or faucets that don’t clear with a plunger.
    • A foul-smelling odor coming from your pipes or drains.
    • Peeling paint or staining in ceiling or walls in plumbed areas.

    Emergency Plumbing Service

    Some plumbing and drain problems just can’t wait. The plumbing Wizards of Comfort are ready to solve your plumbing problems. Call us now and help is on the way!

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