Advantages of Having a Programmable Thermostat

If you often forget to turn down the heat or air conditioning when you leave home for work or if you are tired of manually tinkering with your thermostat on the regular basis, then you should consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat.

Most homeowners are able to install programmable thermostats on their own, without the help of a professional HVAC technician. Aside from maintaining a desirable temperature setting throughout each and every day, there are a variety of benefits to having a programmable thermostat.

The following are the main advantages of a programmable thermostat in your home:

  • Saves you money. We all know how costly cooling and heating can be on a monthly basis, which why it is imperative for homeowners to adjust their thermostat based on the time of day and when you’re away or at home. Having a programmable thermostat allows you to program your settings and not have to worry about them, essentially reducing energy costs and saving you money.
  • Friendlier for the environment. Today more than ever, homeowners are conscious about energy conservation and protecting the environment in any way possible. Traditional thermostats often contain mercury, which is harmful to our environment. Programmable thermostats are much friendlier to the environment.
  • Comfort in every room. Some prefer their room to be hotter, while others the exact opposite. With traditional thermostats, you aren’t able to adjust the temperature to your liking if not everyone else agrees. However, a programmable thermostat allows you to accommodate for different temperature settings, giving users the ability to cool and heat only the rooms they want and when.
  • Connect to smart devices. Whether on your smartphone or computer, some programmable thermostats can sync with your home’s Wi-Fi signal, enabling you to remotely control the temperature in your home.

If you have any more questions about programmable thermostats, contact our Fredericksburg and Kerrville HVAC technicians for more information today.