What Temperature Should I Run My Air Conditioner in the Summer?

The most obvious answer to the question, “What temperature should I run my air conditioner in the summer?” Whatever you and your family agree on is most comfortable, of course! However, it would be inefficient to set your home to 65 degrees Fahrenheit if everyone is shivering.

There are two primary types of heat: dry and humid. When the weather feels dry, 90 degrees will feel exactly that: 90 degrees. When the humidity is high, on the other hand, 90 degrees feels much hotter because the water vapor in the prevents you from sweating, which is our body’s natural way of cooling us down.

The moisture from humidity makes the AC work harder to cool down the home because it will also need to dehumidify the space. This is an energy drain, can drive up the cost of your electrical bills, and is an inefficient way of keeping the space cool.

According to the Ameican Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), the ideal temperature range for keeping the house cool lands somewhere between 73 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit. To ensure that you are maximizing the efficiency of your unit, set the temperature just above this so that you can save on your bill while also keeping the humidity low.

Other ways you can continue keeping the house cool while saving on energy bills:

  • Consider purchasing a programmable thermostat. It will allow you to set the unit to a comfortable temperature the moment you walk into the home. It can also raise the temperature when you leave.
  • Install a ceiling fan. While ceiling fans do not cool the air in the same way as an AC unit, they do move the air around, creating a “cooling effect” on your skin. At the very least, you will feel more comfortable despite the high temperature.
  • Don’t “short-cycle.” Short cycling is turning your AC unit on and off to cool the home in short bursts. While you may think this can save energy, it is not very effective. During the time you have your AC turned off, the home is storing heat everywhere—the walls, the roof, and even the windows. It will make the AC work harder to keep everything cool. Running the AC at a comfortable temperature, without stopping and starting, is the smartest way to go.

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