Why Does the Air from My Furnace Smell?

One of the most common signs that your furnace isn’t working properly after not being used the entire summer is when it produces strange smells when it’s on. Odd smells are indications of various problems, some more significant than others.

Below are the three most common furnace smells that a homeowner may encounter. While you may need the professional service of a licensed HVAC technician, recognizing the type of scent can help you identify what’s going wrong and take a step in the right direction.

Rotten Egg Smell

If your furnace smells the rotten eggs or sulfur, it typically indicates that you have a natural gas leak. This is a cause for serious concern since a gas leak can cause a fire or explosion in your home.

First, you must turn off your furnace right away and open up all your windows to allow clean air to flow through your home. Next, leave your home and contact the gas company for service.

Metallic or Electrical Smells

When electrical components inside your furnace are overheating, they may produce smells similar to hot metal, hot plastic, or burning oil. Mechanical smells can occur due to old age, as well as general wear and tear. The affected parts will need to be replaced, but these repairs are generally minor and won’t be an expensive investment.

If you recognize mechanical or electrical smells coming from your heater, please shut it off immediately. Next, call an HVAC technician for inspection and repairs. Once the furnace has been fixed, monitor it for a few hours to ensure that no fires or further issues occur.

Burning or Dusty Smell

When your heater is finally used after being inactive for the entire summer, it may produce a burning or dusty smell. In most cases, this is a normal occurrence and the smell will often stop once the dust inside the system is blown away and removed. However, if the odor persists, it may mean a serious problem is evident.

If the smell is still present after you gave your furnace some time to run after turning it on, change the air filter to see if the odor fades away. If the smell continues after changing the air filter, contact an HVAC technician for immediate assistance.

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