Heating Pads versus Electric Blankets

Heating pads consist of small, electrically warmed pads that are typically no smaller than 12 square inches. They plug into walls and generate heat which you can control with a remote built into the power cord. The covers of these pads can be removed and machine washed.

The following are the benefits of heating pads:

  • Relieve arthritis, back pain, as well as neck and shoulder tension. The small size of a heating pad enables users to specifically target painful areas in your body, delivering moist heat that results in relief from aches and pain.
  • Warm your feet. One of the best places to keep a heating pad is at the foot of your bed. You can turn it on for a few minutes before going to sleep in order to “preheat” your bed.

On the other hand, electric blankets are much larger and cover your entire body. They’re often comprised of fleece fabric that provides instant warmth to the user. Similar to heating pads, there is a remote built into the power cord, allowing the user to control the temperature and auto shut-off feature.

Benefits of an electric blanket include:

  • Lower your heating bills. When you use an electric blanket at night, you can turn the thermostat down without feeling uncomfortable, which saves money on your energy bills.
  • Better sleep. Many researchers believe that sleeping in a moderately cool room enables a person to sleep better. With an electric blanket, you can turn your thermostat down to gain a cooler sleeping environment.
  • Individual comfort when two people share one bed. When two people share a bed, one is typically warmer natured compared to the other. An electric blanket is an ideal solution for allowing each person to set their own comfort level.

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