Why is My Heating Bill So High?

During the cold, winter months, the heating bill often comes at a high cost in order to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your home. In many cases, the heating bill is high due to constant use, continuously adjusting of the thermostat, or having an inefficient furnace. Fortunately, there are effective ways to reduce your energy intake and save money.

The following are helpful tips for reducing your heating bill:

  • Lower your thermostat – If you turn down your thermostat just a few degrees, you likely won’t tell the difference and save about 5% to 10% off your heating bill.
  • Consider using/purchasing a programmable thermostat – Programmable thermostats cost between $30 and $100. They allow you to adjust the heat based on a predetermined schedule, which enables homeowners to lower the heat when they’re not home or while they’re sleeping.
  • Use other sources of heat – There are a variety of ways to generate warmth, such as taking a shower or cooking food. When you shower, try to keep the bathroom door open in order for steam to disperse throughout your home. Do not turn a ventilation fan on since it will remove the warm air you want to keep.
  • Wear socks – Your entire body will feel cold if your feet are cold, so always wear socks around the house. If you’re still feeling cold, bundle up by wearing a sweater or using a blanket instead of turning up the heat.
  • Prevent heat from escaping your home – Ensure that your doors and windows are shut and leak-free when the heat is on. Also, keep your windows covered during the evenings to help reduce heat loss and keep cold air at bay. If your home has a fireplace which you do not often use, have a glass door in place to minimize heat loss.
  • Call for a checkup – Adequate maintenance will ensure that your heating system will run more efficiently. Furnaces should be inspected and receive professional attention at least once a year, especially before the cold months arrive.

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