Why Do I Have to Replace My Filter So Often?

Your air filter is one of the most underappreciated parts of your heating and cooling system. You depend on it to filter out everything from foul odors to mold spores to pet hair, dust, dander, and so much more, and yet most people don’t pay nearly enough attention to their air filter. However, if you change your filter regularly, you’ve probably noticed that it doesn’t seem to take long before a filter gets dirty and needs replaced, especially during summer months where you have to run your air conditioner almost constantly to stay comfortable.

Generally, you should expect to have to replace your air filter every two to three months under normal usage, and as often as every month in heavy-use cases. But if it seems as though you’re changing your air filter out far more than normal, you may have a different problem you’re dealing with. On this blog, we’ll talk about a few things you can do to get longer life out of your air filters, and even fix some of the issues you could be having with your HVAC equipment.

High Concentration of Air Contaminants

The first reason you may find that you’re changing your air filter a lot is simply that the air in your home has a lot of contaminants in it. When your filter is constantly pulling through high concentrations of dust, pet hair, dander, pollen, and other particles, it’s going to clog up faster and need to be changed more frequently. One of the ways you can improve this is by regularly dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming your home to remove these layers of dust and dirt. Having pets is also an influencing factor on this, however, a few furry friends doesn’t subtract from the life of your air filter by that much unless they’re all heavy shedders. Those who smoke inside their home will also see reduced lifespans in their air filters.

Constant Fan Running

Some people like to have the fan in their HVAC system running even when their air conditioner isn’t on. Having this extra breeze can keep your home feeling cooler and circulate the air throughout your home constantly. When you run the fan in your HVAC system, the air is still pulled through your return vent and fed through your air filter, which means it’s still going to continue to remove contaminants even though you’re not running your air conditioner. Using a box or ceiling fan in the rooms you’re in instead of keeping your HVAC fan running will help your air filters last longer, as you won’t be relying on them for hours and hours each day.

Your Air Filter is Too Strong For Your HVAC System

While it may sound appealing to have hospital-quality clean air, the truth is that most homeowners simply don’t need a HEPA-filter for their HVAC system. These filters are designed to remove everything from dirt and dust to bacteria and viruses from the air, which means they’re likely to fill up quickly with every little speck of dust or grain of pet dander that is floating through the air. This can also cause excessive wear and tear on your HVAC equipment and even reduced energy efficiency which costs you far more money each month.

Instead, using a filter that isn’t as strong will still yield clean, breathable, and high-quality air, only with far greater benefits to your HVAC system. You’ll enjoy more efficient operation, longer air filter lifespan, and a significantly reduced cost when it comes to replacing your filter as well. Whereas a HEPA filter replacement can cost sometimes as much as $80 to $100, most replacement filters are as inexpensive as just a few dollars from your local home improvement store.

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