Traveling for the Holidays? Remember to Adjust Your Thermostat!

Are you traveling for the holidays this year? In 2018, roughly 112.5 million Americans traveled between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. That’s basically a third of the entire U.S. population! While getting on the road to visit friends and family can be a joyous part of any holiday season, it’s important not to forget basic home maintenance while you are out of town. That’s why our Fredericksburg HVAC pros are here to tell you to remember to adjust your thermostat.

Although it’s a good idea to keep air circulating in your home while you are traveling, you definitely don’t want to leave your AC or heater running while you are away. Not only is using this extra energy a waste of money, it can also be dangerous for your HVAC systems and your home at large. Instead, consider leaving your thermostat a little higher—around 85 degrees should do. In a state like Texas, which generally doesn’t get too cold, this will keep your space at a consistent temperature, without forcing you to overexert your AC or heater when you get home.

The good thing about modern technology is that you have a lot of options to make sure your thermostat is always set at the ideal temperature, even when you are not at home. At 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer programmable and smart thermostats to help keep your indoor air quality strong and your energy costs down. With a programmable thermostat, you can set the temperatures in various rooms throughout your home before you leave for holiday travel, so your indoor climate is evenly balanced when you get back. And with smart thermostats, you can actually adjust the temperature from your tablet, phone, or computer, so you don’t even have to be home to make sure your house has the perfect temperature!

Thermostats with wi-fi capability allow homeowners to control temperatures remotely, so you can keep your home energy-efficient while you are away, and change the settings so you are completely comfortable before you return. And today’s smart thermostats can even learn your comfort preferences, so they adjust automatically when you are not home. Many models also come with security functions, to help you keep an eye on your house.

In addition to changing your thermostat settings, you should unplug any unnecessary equipment before going on trips this holiday season to conserve as much energy as possible. For added security, consider adjusting your lighting as well, and having a neighbor check on your house once or twice to make sure everything is okay. And remember, when it comes to thermostats and more, you can count on 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating for everything you need.

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