Fall Checklist

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Do This Before You Turn on Your Heating System…

#1. Clean Your Filter: A dirty filter is one of the top causes of heating system malfunction. Check and replace if needed for a fresh start for the season.

#2. Ensure Proper Clearance: Remove items from around the base and sides of your heating system. And, make sure there are no combustible items like rags, paper, or other flammable items in the same room (while you are at it check around your water heater – the same rules apply).

If your system is a Heat Pump, keep the system clear of debris and falling leaves. Trim foliage back about 18 inches from the system, this will allow proper airflow for the system.

#3. Adjust Airflow: Adjust the vents in cooler rooms to allow more airflow. Never close vents completely, as this can cause pressure buildup and could damage your system.While you’re there, get out the vacuum and give them a good cleaning.

#4. Test Carbon Monoxide & Fire Detectors: To ensure they are operating correctly.

#5. Use Your Ceiling Fans: Fans don’t really affect the room temperature. They can help make you feel warmer or cooler and they help distribute the conditioned air around the room. Plus, they use less power than your HVAC system (about the same amount as a 100w light bulb). The trick is to make sure they are going in the right direction. The fan should spin counterclockwise for the cooling season, so the cooler air is pushed down. During the heating season, run your fan on a lower setting and have it spin clockwise. It will push the warmer air down towards you.

#6. Schedule Your Heating System Tune-up & Safety Inspection/Carbon Monoxide Test: We’ll give your system a thorough cleaning and inspection to help increase safety, efficiency, comfort, decrease breakdowns and help promote longer system life!

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